City Park and Recreation Department Asks for City Council Vote to Remove Community Recreation Council Funding


At the October 9 meeting of the Mira Mesa Recreation Council, Assistant Park and Recreation Director Andy Field addressed the audience regarding the Park and Recreation Department’s plan to remove all funding from community Recreation Councils and convert them to “Recreation Advisory Groups.”

After answering questions from the audience, Mr. Manion handed out a copy of the Department’s “Proposed City Action.” This request may be voted on as soon as October 23. The proposal would eliminate the current system of a recognized “Recreation Council” which received funds collected from park rentals, and used those funds for classes, equipment, and other needs of the local Recreation Centers and parks. Instead, the money would now go into a “Special Revenue Fund” at the City. The Recreation Council would be replaced by an unfunded “Advisory Group”. All funds previously collected by the Recreation Councils that have not been spent by December 31 would be transferred to the City.

Community leaders in Mira Mesa have responded to the proposal with An Open Letter to Mayor Kevin Faulkner and the City Council of the City of San Diego

Below is the text of the proposal:

Recreation Council Transition
Proposed City Council Actions
October 2017

  1. That the Park and Recreation Department Fee Schedule is amended to remove all references to “Recreation Council” and each reference to specifically named recreation councils and replace all of those references with “City of San Diego.”
  2. That the Park and Recreation Department Fee Schedule is amended to authorize the Director of the Park and Recreation Department to establish a category for and set programming fees for individual recreation programs provided at City facilities.
  3. That the City Clerk is hereby directed to amend the Ratebook of City Fees and Charges maintained in the Office of the City Clerk to include the amendments described above.
  4. That the Chief Financial Officer is authorized to appropriate and expend all recreation center area funds, including recreational program and permit revenue.
  5. That all such funds shall be expended only in the geographical area in which the funds were collected and shall be used exclusively for the continued provision and administration of recreational programming and activities, including City administrative costs.
  6. That Mayor or his desigee is authorized to execute, for and on behalf of the City, assumption agreements with independent contractors currently providing recreation classes and programs at City recreation facilities under contract with the recreation councils.