Welcome to The Mira Mesa News established in 2016, the first ever edition was printed in October.

The Mira Mesa News is the only newspaper dedicated to serving the neighborhoods of Mira Mesa, Miramar, Sorrento Valley & Sorrento Mesa.

15,000 color copies are printed each month, designed to spotlight what is happening right here in our neighborhoods.  The hard copy of the paper can be found at many drop spots and online.

Just like the newspaper I started back in 2011 the Clairemont Times, The goal of the Mira Mesa News is to notify of local events, highlight neighborhood stories and promote small business.

If you are business owner in the neighborhood there is no better option than the local newspaper.  Every page is printed on quality hi brite newsprint and every page is printed in full color.

I hope you enjoy reading The Mira Mesa News as much as we take pleasure in producing it for the neighborhoods.

While the paper is printed monthly our website & social media platforms are updated daily visit:

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Welcome and thank you for visiting/reading.

Chris O’Connell



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